OAXIS InkCase collaborates with Pocket to provide a ‘Save-for’ and ‘Read-It’ Later experience

OAXIS InkCase collaborates with Pocket to provide a ‘Save-for’ and ‘Read-It’ Later experience for users. You can now save articles on your browser and read it on InkCase. With the E Ink display, E-readers do not need to worry about the heavy power consumption of their gadget or straining their eyes. It can be viewed anywhere and anytime – even offline.


Pocket allows people to save interesting articles of their choice from the web for later enjoyment. The list of content can be synced from your phone to the InkCase for reading it on-the-go. Accessible no matter where you are and at any time of the day, this combination allows E-readers to enjoy their reads conveniently with offline viewing.


The snugly InkCase that fits your palm has officially integrated Pocket’s Logo on its UI. This allows for easy and conducive reading during your daily commute on the bus and subway. If not, the anti-glare formulated screen also gives you the green light to read a book by the beach while it absorbs the sun rays and reduces reflection.

DESIGNED FOR iPhone 7 & iPhone 8, iPhone 7 PLUS & iPhone 8 PLUS

Oaxis is selling its InkCase i7 Plus officially on its website. It is designed for iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone 8 Plus but it also fits iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 6s Plus.

Other features of the InkCase:

  • 9H Anti-Scratch Screen
  • Shock Resistant
  • 5 Days Battery Life
  • Waterproof (for Plus series)
  • E-Ink CARTA 1.2 (for Plus series)
  • Lightweight
  • Large Screen
  • Ultra Thin
  • Push News
  • Customisable Widget
  • Ebook Reading


The InkCase i7 Plus has a self-learning algorithm that automatically pushes news to you based on your reading habits. You can now choose to like the news that is recommended to you and your InkCase will automatically sync articles of the same genre. This hassle-free function allows you to get a personalized news feed on your InkCase for better reading experience.


The official launch of InkCase i7 Plus on Kickstarter was achieved with a campaign page that focuses on testimonials which includes a YouTube video by ‘Unbox Therapy’ featuring the InkCase with the title “This Might Be The Coolest iPhone Case Ever…” which has more than a million views.  You can view the video here: The InkCases were successfully shipped out to backers of the various support tiers while the limited RED color version will be delivered in October 2017.

This product is available on https://shop.oaxis.com/collections/all-products/products/inkcase-i7-plus at a retail price of $149.

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